Have you made a new blog on WordPress and want to customize it for search engines and users?

So if you are a stranger in the field of coding and PHP WordPress has made a very easy customization method through plugins.

All you have to do is to search for a specific plugin you need, then download it and activate it to add new features to your WordPress.

 But this plugin selection can become very hectic someway as according to WordPress there are over 55000+ plugins in the official directory and many more outside.

So such a high number of plugins can make new users overwhelmed with confusion on choosing the right plugins for their site.

The plugins which you should use at your site depend on the type of your site but in this post I will make you familiar with 10 must-have WordPress plugins for every WordPress site.

 Activating these plugins will help you to grow your business online and increase your rankings on search engines.

 The plugins which are described below are free of cost and are very easy to download.

10 Best WordPress Plugins

1. Contact Form 7

Every website needs a contact form for its users and companies who want to advertise on your blog.

If you would search for contact forms plugin,

 you will get bombarded with results but contact form 7 is the best alternative out with over 5 million+ installations due to its simplicity and easy configuration.

It offers many customizations such as ReCaptcha(for spammers), handles multiple forums and even you can easily add columns(like mobile no., URL) in the contact form.

 You can also make multiple forms with many tags.

2. Yoast SEO


Every site needs SEO for ranking on search engines even if it is based on WordPress.

 But it is very difficult to stabilize the SEO of your blog without coding and all time-consuming things.

But there is one magic trick. 

Download the Yoast SEO plugin and configure it in a few clicks and you are all done for your on-site and on-page SEO. 

However, it is the best free plugin and has over 5 million installations.

It doesn't only provide on-site SEO but has many other features as well. Let's take a glance at it.
  1. Customize on-page and on-site SEO in a few clicks.
  2. Enables social sharing buttons(Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more) on your site.
  3. Generate SEO friendly sitemap for your blog so that it is regularly indexed by search engines.
  4. It helps in content optimization through keyword focusing, customizing meta description and meta title, interlinking of posts, and even setting up your robots.txt file.
  5. It helps in securing your website and add no-index tags to pages which you don't want to be indexed.

The premium Yoast plugin is also available with more inbuilt features but most of the important features are available in the free version.

3. Akismet

Akismet is an anti-spam filtering plugin that filters the contact forms and comments which look to it like spammy.

This also provides a backup history of spammed comments so that you can see that which type of comments is spammed by the moderator.

For every WordPress website, it is a must-download plugin as you will encounter many unwanted comments in the comments section from the initial days of your site.

These comments can decrease the value of your post and fill it with unwanted spam URLs.

This plugin is available both in the free and premium versions.

4. WP Super Cache


What if you are devoting so much time to get traffic and users bounce back from your site due to the low speed of your website?

Obviously, you would be buried with sadness. But there is a trick to increase the speed of your WordPress blog.

Install WP Super Cache and activate it and your website speed will increase along with free CDN which also helps in improving the user experience of your blog.

This plugin creates an HTML file of your blog pages and then this static file is displayed by the webserver which reduces the processing load and saves your webserver from crashing by reducing the server load drastically.

It is best because it is easy to configure and is being activated within a few clicks.

5. Jetpack

Jetpack is a multi-featured plugin created by Automaticc, the people behind WordPress, and has over 5 million active installations.

 It is an important plugin because it is an 'All in one' plugin and also reduces the number of plugins activated on your site which helps in reducing the load of plugins on your website.

Here are the few features provided by Jetpack:
  • It provides free CDN with photon which helps to load your site fast.
  • It helps in placing social sharing buttons on your posts which helps in increasing user engagement and traffic to your blog.
  • Creating an SEO sitemap for your WordPress blog. ( Yoast SEO recommended for it )
  • Providing subscription option in appropriate places so that users can easily subscribe to your blog.
  • It enables your site backup using Vault Press so that your data remains safe.
  • It auto publicizes your blogposts on famous social sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, and more.
  • Analyzing page views and traffic stats on your blog.
  • Managing multiple sites in an easy way.
  • It helps in overcoming brute force attacks on your login page with two-way authentication.
  • It monitors the downtime of your blog and signals when your servers are slow so that you can optimize it.

6. Wordfence Security

Security is one such thing which is very important than anything else.

Wordfence Security is the best plugin to protect your site from brute force attacks and spammy URLs.

This plugin works on the latest firewall rules and malware scanning which protects your website from malicious sites, malware ip addresses, and DDoS attacks.

 It also helps in securing your admin login page from brute force attacks by enabling two-factor authentication.

After installing and activating wordfence plugin, you will get an API key from their site. 

Then you have to open Wordfence settings and insert that API key, set the security level you want and after doing other desired settings, click on save changes.

You can also use Wordfence scan to detect any vulnerabilities in your WordPress blog.

7. Broken Link Checker

It is the most important and useful plugin for one's blog to keep your blog up to the mark and develop the user experience of the blog.

Basically, it's main function is to identify the broken and redirected links and then redirecting these broken links to the most similar blog posts and articles.

However, it seems like much of coding but a newbie can also employ this plugin in a few clicks. 

It has also one outstanding feature that you can even stop search engine bots from crawling your 404 pages or broken links.

8. Smush Image Compression And Optimization

Images are the life-saving miracle for the bloggers which attract the visitors to read your post and decrease the bounce rate of your blog.

However, there is a negative side too. 

On the one hand, images add attraction to your blog but many images can also serve towards slowing down your website speed.

You can also manually compress every image, but it sucks due to its time consumption.

If you also suffer from the same case, Smush Plugin would be a great deal.

 It automatically compresses and optimizes your images without disturbing the quality of images.

For activating this plugin, go to tools and choose Smush plugin and then enable automatic optimization so that whenever you create a new post it will automatically search and compress your images.

However, it also has a pro version that enlarges the limits of bulk smushing and adds quality to the process of compression.

9. Monster Insights

Monster insights wordpress plugin

Monster insights is the most popularly used WordPress plugin for analytics and stats.

Some creators think that analytics is not very much important in blogging, but this is a major mistake made by the newbies.

Monster insights help you to make analytics easy and helps you in understanding it deeply so that you can take appropriate measures.

    Analytics is important because, in blogging, you should always focus that on which posts you are getting a good response and on which you are not getting the value. 

So insights help you to know about opportunities and stop wasting time in unproductive work.

It has many analytic features which include user analytics i.e from where and which type of audience are you getting, ads stats 

which helps to analyze the performance of ads you are running on your blog and many more.

10. Google XML Sitemaps

It is a very good plugin for keeping your site up to date in eyes of search engines.

Google XML sitemaps automatically submit sitemaps of your website to search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and keeps it up to date every time you add new posts in your blog or make some changes in it.

However, one can also manually submit sitemaps to the search engines, but doing it on your own sucks, as it is very time-consuming.

So it is a very good alternative to manual settings for keeping your website updated in search engines.


So, using plugins effectively can take your blog upwards and also develop user experience on your blog. 

However, rather than making your blog user friendly and updating it regularly you should also keep a check on your blog's safety and save it from hackers.

At last, you should keep the focus on insights and analytics of your blog to gather the idea of what visitors want and then generate it accordingly to develop your blog or website.

Affiliate Disclosure- This post may contain affiliate links means that if you buy a product or get a subscription by clicking on link in my blog, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.