Did you always wondered about what is the right time to monetize your Blog?

 If you want to know something in depth about it stick up to this post upto the end.

Generally every newbie blogger believes that he would start earning money from his blog from the day one onwards but this is totally wrong perception.

You should first focus on getting quality users and ultimately the earnings will follow you.

  So there is no fixed requirements or time when you should start monetizing your blog. 

You can start it from day one also but it would be useless as you would not be getting traffic to earn money as a newbie.

To answer about when to start monetizing  effectively you should first know that exactly how are you monetizing your blog.

Different Ways To Monetize Your Blog

There are many ways available to monetize your blog such as advertisements, affiliate marketing, selling your own product and services, sponsored content writing and many more.

  But you should not mess it up on your blog as better user experience and providing value is the main motive of your blog.


Advertising is one of the oldest methods of making money from your blog but in the present time it has lacked behind due to many other good alternatives and less amount of money it makes. 

However most popular adnetworks you can use to put ads on your blog are Google Adsense and Media.net.

Making money from ad networks can only become true if you are getting significant amount of visitors on your blog. 

So you should apply in ads programs only if you are getting more than 200 visitors a day, otherwise you would be rejected.

Even if you are able to get ads approval you will not be able to get significant earnings and your blog's user experience would also get ruined.

Bonus Point

Native and direct advertising is more better than these ad networks.

Affiliate Marketing

In the recent past it affiliate linking  has dramatically grown up making it the best alternative to monetize your blog from ad networks.

For putting affiliate links on your blog you have to follow these simple steps-
  • Register yourself in affiliate programs like ShareaSale and Commision Junction.
  • Choose a list of products which you want to promote.
  • Then you will get a unique code link which you have to insert in the appropriate places on your site.
  • And if anyone hits on that link and purchases the product you earn a commission.
You can insert your affiliate links in your blogposts from the day one you started blogging as it doesn't require any approval and conditions.

Putting your affiliate links contextually can earn good profits for you even if your blog is a newbie.

Providing Product And Services

You can also sell your own product and services such as online courses, pdfs, Seo services and many other digital products to earn money.

But you will be only able to sell your products if they are of good value and are of reasonable cost.

You can display your online courses to customers at your own website or on educational websites such as Udemy.

You can start selling your online courses and products even at the initial stage of your infant blog but you would not be able to sell them due to lack of trust and goodwill.

It is not possible to set a requirement for putting online courses on your blog but somehow according to my past experience you can effectively start it when you hit 1000 subscribers on your blog.

Bonus Tips

  • Keep the payment process as easy as possible.
  • Provide a value for your price to users.
  • Provide free demo to users thinking about purchasing your products as it would improve your credibility.

Sponsored Content

The main motive of making a blog is providing knowledge through writing posts.

For earning through sponsored content you didn't have to do something extra. It generally includes reviewing the companies products and servics.

A company approaches to you either through your contact form or email and then price is fixed and when you make a sponsored post according to their requirement  you get paid a good amount.

But it is difficult to find companies to get spnsored content as companies don't trust on new blogs frequently.

For earning through sponsored reviews there is no time limit to get into it.It only depwnds on your popularity and it can take from 3 to 6 months if you are taking
your blog seriously.

These are factors which can get you sponsored content as a newbie-
  • Design your website effectively
  • Improve page ranking of your website
  • Register on sites like famebit(for youtube) to get sponsors.
  • Create an advertisement info page on your blog describing that you write sponsored content and your email and contact info.

Note- You should not write for companies without knowing their product's credibility and services as if users found their services as waste of money, they will never come to your blog again.

Sell Your Own Ebooks

Selling e-books has undoubtedly became best earning method of monetization in the field of blogging.

You are not required to make a huge investment in publishing your ebook.

The only thing which you have to do is to pick a topic for your e-book then compile it into a e-book and make an attractive book cover to attract the visitors.

Now you can publish it either on your blog or Amazon Kindle Store.

You can also hire a professional for the purpose of making an attractive book cover from freelancing sites such as Fiverr.

It will also give you the credibility of an author and it also helps in improving Seo of your blog as being a 'author' contributes to your 'authority'.

You can start selling your own e-books whenever you want as it also contributes to seo of your blog and generate passive income for you.


So if you are using adsense or any other media network wait until you are getting significant traffic to your blog.

But if you are selling your own products and services wait until you worth some goodwill in your niche.

The best alternative which you can use rightaway to cover your costs is Affiliate Marketing as it does not ruin the user experience of your blog at all.

Always follow the main rule of blogging that 'Love your blog first and earnings would definitely follow you.'

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